The proof is in the work..

..and we've taken some photos to prove it.
Please have a look below at some of our freshly installed systems.

Selected Projects

Strive For Better

NetPlus Standard of Service

Anybody can sell cable. We at NetPlus take it a step further. The backbone of our service is built on quality, integrity and client care.


Many business have outdated Category Three, Thinnet or Arcnet cable systems. NetPlus can effectively upgrade these systems to the latest Category Six and fiber optic systems.

Services, Certification & Troubleshooting

NetPlus also certifies new or existing cable systems to make sure they meet Category Six specifications and results are printed out using the latest in Fluke test equipment.


NetPlus will custom build backbone cables, flyleads, patch cords, and fiber jumpers.

Moving, Adding & Making Changes

In a constantly growing business environment, changes in a network are common. NetPlusoffers reasonable rates and excellent response time to professionally move add or change existing cable systems.



Netplus has been in business long enough to know that the way customers see your business, is directly related to how well your business will grow. Our first priority is customer service, and we've seen the results of putting you first.

Pedro Martins



We've had Netplus pulling our wire for years now, not only do they make sure jobs are completed with excellent attention to detail, but also in a timely manner. Great working with them time and time again..

Yusuf Chamda

Long Term Client


Netplus planed and installed all 84 IP camaras on our factory floor and in the office blocks. I'm not sure if any issues came up, but if they did then it was all sorted out without a problem. They do their work, so I can do mine.

Thozama Meseti

Newly Joined Client